Vision, Mission, Values

As a giving circle we will learn about the power of philanthropy!



A better life and future for women and families of Melbourne


Promoting giving, raising awareness, investing in changes and empowering futures

  • Generosity of mind and spirit
  • Collaboration and engagement
  • Learning and sharing
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
  • Courage to make a real change

Melbourne Women’s Fund engages women in the power of giving collectively – rather than individually – within a group of like-minded women.

Members are encouraged to participate in philanthropy through learning about needs in our communities, by our grant making and their involvement with our funded groups and organisations. Members are energised by a spirit of collaboration and excited about really making a difference with their giving. We are not trying to replicate what other funders are doing well, we are looking to make ‘bold’ grants to emerging organisations and groups who may not otherwise attract seed or critical funding.

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