The MWF’s next steps in tackling the COVID-19 era

With COVID-19, life as we’ve known it has changed dramatically. It has transformed how people are working to keep both themselves and others safe. In the MWF’s case, it also has significant implications for how we can continue delivering value to our members and support the organisations providing crucial services to the vulnerable women and families whose well-being will be even more compromised as a result of the virus.

Given the need for safe distancing in the foreseeable future, we confront the disappointing likelihood that we will be unable to deliver our two most popular annual events, our Information Night and Awards Evening, as we have in the past. However, we are determined to deliver them in a new way in the future that is accessible, warm and exciting.

To that end, we have established a Task Force to focus specifically on this challenge. So while these events will be different—most likely in digital form—they will still take place:

MWF Information Night – Wednesday, 27 May
For this robust and educational event, you will hear from Grants Committee members about our three Signature Grants finalists and three Nurturing Grant finalists and about our grants process. Our 2019 winners, Lighthouse Foundation and Scarf Community Organisation, will also present the status of their grants’ progress.

MWF Awards Evening – Thursday, 16 July
This has always been a very special event when the prior twelve months of hard work by the MWF volunteers come to fruition in the finalists’ presentations and the membership’s voting for the Signature and Nurturing Grant winners. This culmination of members’ donations and commitment has resulted in bold organisations achieving significant outcomes for vulnerable women and families in the areas of homelessness, family violence, justice and education, employment/economic empowerment, family violence and sexual exploitation. It has also been key to helping these organisations attract additional funding to continue their crucial work.

So please stay tuned. In the forthcoming weeks, we’ll be posting updates on this website about the new and adventurous approach(es) we will take to deliver these two very worthwhile events to you.

In these turbulent times, we know that many vulnerable women and families are becoming even more vulnerable as they lose access to already insufficient, yet essential, resources. Together, we can provide crucial support for these individuals by supporting hard-working, not-for-profit organisations working at the coalface to assist them.

For those of you continuing your support for us, thank you! For those of you who aren’t yet members, have yet to renew or have left us for awhile, we hope you will click here to join us.

If you have any queries, please contact us at

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