Signature Grant 2018

“We cannot understate how gratifying it was to have a group of proactive passionate MWF members choose to unconditionally support women who have come from marginally difficult circumstances and are trying to get help. Thank you for trusting us with the grant!” Catherine Cooney, Board Chair, HerSpace

2018 Grants recipient HerSpace were overjoyed at the amazing solidarity and support of our MWF members who awarded them $100K in support of their Capacity Building Grant.

This grant gave HerSpace the capacity to transition out of its start-up phase to significantly increase its current service offerings to girls and women, particularly from CALD backgrounds, escaping sexually exploitative roles and work and requiring psychological and physical trauma support.

With just under $40K in the bank and wondering if the organisation was going to be operational by the end of the year, the MWF grant couldn’t have been more timely. Shrewd and tactical, HerSpace deployed these funds with ingenuity and fervour! HerSpace employed a part-time Clinical Program Manager with trauma and therapeutic expertise to oversee programs and ensure quality service delivery. The organisation was bolstered by employment of a part-time Operations Manager to formalise policies and procedures across HR, finance and operations to safeguard operational integrity. Four months later, they welcomed a part-time Monitoring and Evaluations Officer to the team who was tasked with assessing program impact, delivery and effectiveness – a critical element in guiding program development and future program innovation. And there is more … the grant paid for a formal financial audit and annual report to solidify their financial position and governance measures – both of which are critical in demonstrating the organisation has strategic direction and integrity.

Our MWF grant was not only put to good use, it was a gift that kept on giving. As a result of their excellent investment decisions, HerSpace received an email from a lawyer. Their client had very specific criteria for donating money that assisted women victims of sexual abuse. $350K later, HerSpace attributes securing this anonymous donation to their ability to provide audited financial statements detailing the excellent use of funds used to expand their business, service offering and employment base. Part of this additional funding is being used to rebuild the website and develop an online counselling services app as well.

To learn more about HerSpace, please visit their website at

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