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Established in perpetuity, the MWF Endowment Fund – titled Melbourne Women’s Fund Endowment Fund – is a Charitable Fund Account administered by Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation to support our charitable causes over the long term.

Our endowment fund’s aim is to build a corpus so that interest earned (income) can be distributed as grants to support the mission and vision of Melbourne Women’s Fund.

 By making donations to the endowment fund, donors help secure our ability to deliver these distributions in perpetuity.

Every year MWF is required to make a 4% distribution from this account. To date these distributions have been used to reinforce our granting levels so we can achieve greater impact with our funding. 

Given that the needs of vulnerable of women and families in Melbourne continue to be pressing and show few signs of abating, the healthy growth of our corpus to supplement our grant-making is essential for the foreseeable future.

You may support the MWF Endowment Fund by becoming a Life Member, or by making a one-off or regular donation.

Life Membership

To become a MWF Life Member, donors make a one-time generous donation of $25,000 into the Melbourne Women’s Fund Endowment fund. 

This donation provides membership benefits for life without administration fees. 

Some members join as Life Members from the start of their membership, while others choose to become Life Members after several years as annual members.


One-Off or Regular Donations

Supporting Melbourne Women’s Fund Endowment Fund can positively affect women and their families beyond your lifetime. Your donation increases our granting potential and impact. 

One-off or regular donations to the endowment fund do not enable voting rights for our grant awards.

Donations to the MWF Endowment Fund are open to all, not just members.

Melbourne Women’s Fund is a Charitable Fund Account of Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

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