Standard Membership


We know that collective giving is satisfying and increases your individual impact

Donation Level

100% of your membership donation is aggregated with other member's donations to provide grant funds for each financial year

Our Members

Our members are a variety of ages, backgrounds and interests, united by a desire to make a valuable philanthropic contribution

A member must donate in each financial year to continue their membership.

Their membership lasts until June 30th of the financial year following the financial year in which they made their last donation.

However, to reduce the load on our volunteers and assist our planning, we ask that members renew 12 months after their last donation rather than wait until the final days prior to June 30th of that following financial year.

We send all members renewal reminders 12 months after their last donation for that purpose.

NextGen Membership

Benefits & Contributions

NextGen is the Melbourne Women’s Fund membership category for people 18-35 years old (35 included), created to provide this age group with opportunities to learn about, and participate in, philanthropic giving and the broader philanthropic sector. NextGen members have all the benefits of a Standard Membership, but at a 50% discount.

Life Membership

A generous $25,000 one-off contribution that supports vulnerable women and their families in perpetuity. This donation goes into MWF’s endowment fund (Charitable Fund Account) held by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.​

Pictured is our founding Life Member, Susan Alberti AC. 

What our members say

I joined the Melbourne Women's Fund to learn more about philanthropy and connect with a diverse network. It's rewarding to play a small role in building capacity for organisations that support women and families. Giving together to create significant impact is fun and so powerful.
Michelle V.
Member since 2018
I have always wanted to help people, which stems from volunteer work I’ve done at school and uni. I joined the Melbourne Women’s Fund, as I can see how we can do more together, than individually. I've learnt so much already.
Kiana C.
Next Gen member since 2019
For women who are thinking about joining, Melbourne Women’s Fund creates a really great opportunity to get involved in making a difference, and it’s manageable when you’ve got a really busy life.
Kate B.
Member since 2016

Melbourne Women’s Fund is a Charitable Fund Account of Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

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