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Our Vision

A future where vulnerable women and families in Melbourne thrive

Our Mission

To enable our members to be part of informed, democratised giving where their power is amplified through the collective benefit they provide to vulnerable women and families in Melbourne

You may download a copy of our strategic three year plan here

Our Structure

Melbourne Women’s Fund is a charitable fund account of Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

We are supported by a wonderful group of women who volunteer their smarts, energy and time to help us achieve our vision. 

It is not just the names of those who appear here. Every one of our members contributes to the success of the fund in different ways. 

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have a wonderful community of like-minded people.

Pat Burke OAM
Co-Founder & Chair

Gillian Hund OAM

Christine Darcas
Executive Officer

Louise Potter

Louise Potter
Events Chair

Amanda Thornton 20190307

Amanda Thornton
Grants Chair

Emma Nickson

Emma Nickson
MarComms Chair

Christine Darcas

Christine Darcas
Memberships Chair

Gillian Hund 2019

Gillian Hund
Partnerships & Sponsorships Chair (Interim)

carmel collins

Carmel Collins
Governance Lead


Rowena O'Neill
Strategic Planning Lead

Emily Jenkins

Emily Jenkins
NextGen Chair

Melbourne Women’s Fund is a Charitable Fund Account of Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

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