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Grants Committee members read each application and conduct due diligence and research on each organisation, including the area of concern the organisation works within and addresses.

Evaluation Criteria

Each submission is graded across the following criteria


The grants process, governance and final shortlist is overseen and approved by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

MWF Grants Committee is responsible for the following


non-profits working for the benefit of Melbourne-based women and their families


non-profits that meet our eligibility criteria to apply


these organisations and their grant applications


them to strengthen their overall grant-seeking capacity


the final six to be voted on by MWF members at the Annual Grant Awards Celebration


our winners throughout the grant term

2020-2021 Grants Committee Members

Amanda Thornton


Simone Clancy


Committee Members

Deputy Chairs

Kate Eddy

Bianca Butterworth



Diane Carey

Katie Pancari

Ann-Marie Lesley

Elyse Cook

Maree Kelly (Acquittal Manager)

Patricia Burke (Founder / Advisory Role)

If you are an MWF member and interested in joining the Grants Committee, please contact our Grants Committee by clicking here. An expression of interest doesn’t guarantee a committee place, as this can depend on established committee size and skill needs. However, we aim to be as inclusive as possible regardless of a member’s experience.

We are committed to acting with integrity in all of our relationships and in selecting grant recipients through an honest and fair process. In support of this commitment, our Conflict of Interest policy and Conflict of Interest Register require disclosure of relationships between our Grants Committee members and any grant applicant or potential grant applicant. We also require Grants Committee members to recuse themselves from discussion and/or collective choosing on any topic where a conflict arises. Please also refer to our Conflict of Interest Grants Committee for more information.

Melbourne Women’s Fund is a Charitable Fund Account of Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

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