Grants Update 2021

We are off and away with our Grants Round for 2021!

The Grants Committee and our Executive Officer Christine Darcas, recently met to review the Expressions of Interest (EOIs) received by our applicants. We’re delighted by the strong response to our very first open grants round and were pleased to see a large number of very high quality applications from new organisations not currently on our database with projects across our three focus areas: Homelessness, Family Violence, and Employment and Economic Empowerment.

We were excited to see a 53% increase in applicants across the two grants categories.

In assessing the grants the team used the following criteria:

1. The direct beneficiaries are young and/or adult women, or young and/or adult women together with their families, located in Greater Melbourne, and their demographic information is relevant to the need and activity described.

2. The need for the activity is clear, evidence-based and compelling.

3. The activity is relevant to addressing the need, and its implementation is feasible.

4. Achievement(s) expected for beneficiaries address the need described, and are feasible.

5. The tracking and measurement design is well-aligned to identifying the achievement(s) expected, and implementation is described and feasible.

6. The organisation has, or has access to, the necessary capacities across resources, skills, experience, financial management and governance to competently conduct the activity.

As a result of the review we have invited five organisations (from 14 EOIs) to provide full applications for the $35,000 Nurturing Grant  and eight for the $75,000 Signature Grant (from 29 EOIs). Submissions are due Friday 3 September with finalists to be decided on 16 September. 

Planning has also begun for our Information Night on October 14. The Information Night will be run as a webinar in a similar format to 2020. Please look out for further details. We look forward to sharing details’ of our finalists’ projects with you.