Signature Grant Update -Fitted for Work

Update from our 2021 Signature Grant Award Winner – Fitted for Work 

In 2021, MWF’s membership awarded their $75,000 Signature Grant to Fitted for Work to support a holistic approach, the Women’s Economic Empowerment Program, which provides a suite of services and training/upskilling opportunities to develop a workforce of 300 women ready to be placed into employment through their recruitment social enterprise She Works.   

Participants in the Women’s Economic Empowerment Program have access to a wide range of ways to boost their preparation to find the right job, including: 

1. Putting together their own professional wardrobe, writing their resume and LinkedIn profile, interview practice, recruitment workshops and a program to build confidence, resilience and social connection.  

2. Digital skill building and advanced technical learning to up-skill/re-skill women to enter tech or tech-enabled roles, Retail Work Experience, Career/workforce information sessions and site visits.  

3. Recruitment services and work placements through She Works. 

4. Post-placement support and mentoring. 

Since January 2022, the Women’s Economic Empowerment Program has assisted at least 189 women living in Melbourne to access a suite of job-readiness services and programs all tailored to meet their individual needs.   

Beneficiaries of the Women’s Economic Empowerment Program include: 

•Mature-aged women (55+) – Older women are now the fastest-growing cohort of people experiencing homelessness in Australia, with a 63% increase in the last 5 years (2018). 

•Survivors of domestic violence – Fitted for Work has long received referrals from domestic violence support services. Recent years have seen a rise in awareness of the crisis, yet intimate partner violence remains the third greatest health risk factor for women and COVID has increased their experience of violence. 

•Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) women. 

•Women exiting correctional facilities. 

•Single mothers. 

•Young women (16-22). 

•Women with a disability 

•Women experiencing homelessness. 

•Transgender, non-binary and gender-diverse people.

Through the Women’s Economic Empowerment Program participants, like Rosana, are building their confidence and skills, as well as access to sustainable employment and mentoring support.  

Rosana has been in Australia for 8 years and is part of the Brazilian community. She was working as a purchasing officer, full-time, and wanted to progress her career. Fitted for Work supported Rosana to write her resume and cover letter, and helped her to hone her interview technique, as well as offering online outfitting services, through which she created a work-ready wardrobe. The Fitted for Work team stayed connected with Rosana throughout her entire job search journey, giving her support and making her feel motivated. She now has a job as a Procurement Category Manager, a more senior position, and she couldn’t be happier. 

  ‘The empowerment, preparation, tips, and encouragement that was given to me prior to the interview made me excel and motivated to get a wonderful job. The follow-up after the interview made me feel that I wasn’t alone, I had a cheerleader team behind me and supporting me throughout the journey to get an amazing job opportunity. 

The job is even more than what I was expecting, instead of thinking the job was too much, Fitted For Work made me think that was right, deserved and I was ready for it. I skipped a level and instead of a specialist in my field, I got a much senior position. The whole team is amazing, and I can’t thank you enough. Big Brazilian Hugs to everyone.’