Who are Melbourne Women’s Fund members?
Our members are women of all ages and from diverse backgrounds who want to participate in a group whose mission is to improve the lives of other women and their families in Melbourne. We welcome new members at any time.

Do I need to live in Melbourne to be a member?
No, we welcome any woman who wishes to support our mission.

Do potential members need to be “invited” to join?
Absolutely not. Membership is open to all women interested in philanthropy. Join online today.

When can I join?
Anytime! We welcome new membership sign ups throughout the year.

What is my commitment?
When you join Melbourne Women’s Fund, you can tailor your involvement based on your time and interests. At a minimum, we ask that you make your annual contribution (your donation) each year, cast your vote for Melbourne Women’s Fund Annual Grant Awards, and continue your membership for at least three years, to help us grow to be a sustainable organisation.

How much of my annual $1,132 contribution is tax deductible?
The $1,000 component is tax deductible. The remaining $132 is not a donation, this is an administration fee contribution, and includes GST.

How is my contribution used?
Your $1,000 donation will be added to the pool of funds available for our grant making, this is the methodology of a collective giving circle.

What does my $120 + $12 GST administration fee pay for?
Your $132 contribution provides funds towards the cost of printing, postage and hosting requirements.

What payment method may I use?
You may pay by cheque, or online with a credit card, by visiting the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation website (www.lmcf.org.au). See detailed information under Membership-Joining on this website. All member’s contributions are paid through LMCF.

When do I renew?
We will mail or email your renewal forms and reminders, when your next 12 month period is due.

Can I suggest a potential project to be considered for a Melbourne Women’s Fund grant?
Yes. Members are encouraged to bring projects to the attention of the Grant Committee. Please submit your member suggestion form by the due date for consideration.

May I donate more than just the Membership contribution to Melbourne Women’s Fund?
Yes of course. Members can donate in two ways – either to the main Melbourne Women’s Fund as a member, or to our Endowment Fund which is called Melbourne Women’s Fund 2 (Charitable Fund Account). Both donations are made through the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation website or via mail to our address.
However, please be aware that as a democratic organisation each member receives only one vote for Melbourne Women’s Fund Grant Awards regardless of the total funds you choose to contribute. As we say: “One woman, one vote means equal influence!”

To make an additional donation to the main Melbourne Women’s Fund, click the button below.

Make an additional donation to the main MWF fundLMCF_Logo_100x89

What is the purpose of Melbourne Women’s Fund 2 – your Endowment Fund?
The Endowment Fund was set up to enable members and friends of Melbourne Women’s Fund to make a donation to help support sustainability and operations of the Fund for years to come. The Endowment Fund’s capital corpus will be set aside in perpetuity, and a portion of the fund’s annual investment return will be released to Melbourne Women’s Fund each year.

To make an additional donation to the Melbourne Women’s Fund Endowment Fund, click the button below.

Make an additional donation to the MWF Endowment FundLMCF_Logo_100x89

Is there a way for a member to share information with the rest of the membership?
Yes. The Fund’s Facebook page and Twitter feed will allow members to share information about our community and philanthropy with others. (See the links on the right side of the header on this site.)

Can I sign up to follow activities for a while without paying the full amount to become a member?
Yes, you can register to receive our e newsletters by sending an email to info@melbournewomensfund.org. Our events will include members and their guests so you can get to know us better!

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