“In the end, the journey to impact is indeed a journey. It is most fruitful when pursued with a warm heart and a hard head.”– Fay Twersky*

Gillian F, Mary & Guest

Some key questions we will be asking about our grantee’s programs and projects will be:

  • Did the grantee do what they said they would do?
  • Were the funds spent according to our agreement?
  • What was accomplished by our grant?
  • Has the program or project goals been successfully achieved?
  • What were some of the quantifiable results? (if appropriate to the grant)
  • What were the direct and indirect impacts of our grantmaking?
  • Will the impact or the activity be sustained beyond the funding period?
  • What did both the Melbourne Women’s Fund and the grantee learn from this grant?
  • Is there potential for learnings to be disseminated for the benefit of others?

* “Journey to impact: an open letter to emerging philanthropists” by Fay Twersky, Alliance Magazine, September 2012

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