Colleen Willoughby – Launch of Melbourne Women’s Fund


I am thrilled to send you greetings on the launch of your new women’s fund in melbourne. I have seen your new web site, read your invitation and been inspired by the quotations and pictures you have used to welcome new members to your foundation.

Mother Teresa said “The ocean is made of drops.” Today you are launching a powerful wave of good intentions, strategic thinking and smart execution by women who are excited to meld their talent, exercise their passions and grow women’s philantrhopy in Australia. Welcome to the expanding number of women’s funds around the globe.

“why women, why now” – because we can. This is the first generation of women as wealth generators in their own right. I say there are today two kinds of women – the “newly minted”, our daughters, and the “newly discovered”, women who have come to realize the power of their own purse through collective giving philanthropy.

Today, our effective use of leveraged collective money will transform communities according to our aspsirations and perceptions of possibility. We no longer have to rely on successful bake sales and charity runs to accomplish our goals. The paradigm has changed. Women are now philanthropists. Your leadership will be felt!

Today you join a cadre of women around the globe all learning and experiencing the joy of this work. One of our early mentors and an experienced philanthropist told us “we see mothers and daughters at our meetings, for an unwritten compact ties each generation to the next. We have only one way to thank those who gave us our community, and that is to take care of it. There are “no pockets in our shrouds”, so it is up to us today to fulfill our promise to the future. To venture something is our most exciting adventure.” For you this venture will be creating a better life and future for women and families of Melbourne. Congratulations on your launch!

Three cheers to the first chapter of your new venture. Go boldly, confidently and with great expectations for what you will accomplish. I am honored to be a part of this venture as a Founding Patron.

Colleen S. Willoughby
Global Women – Partners in Philanthropy
Washington Women’s Foundation
July 12, 2014

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