About Membership

Your philanthropic journey grows when you become involved!


Membership Benefits

Why join Melbourne Women’s Fund?

We welcome all women who are ready to learn and become more involved in philanthropy. We are educating our members about about giving more effectively and discovering what other contributions can be made to deeply felt causes. As members we know that giving in a meaningful way is much more satisfying and makes good financial sense.

Melbourne Women’s Fund now has more than 135 members, enabling us to make impactful grants on a yearly basis.

Who Are Our Members

Our members are women from a variety of ages, backgrounds and interests who are united by the desire to be more involved in philanthropy, and they enjoy being part of an inclusive and vibrant giving circle!

They are women who are:

  • finding their philanthropic voices and inspiring others to do so
  • learning about the power of  ‘giving with a purpose’
  • engaging in accessible philanthropy
  • working together and making a difference in our community
  • sharing values and being champions for other women
  • acknowledging that stronger, supported families and communities benefits everyone
  • from all ages, backgrounds, interests and heritage

What is my contribution?

Members pledge to be part of the Fund for a minimum three year period, so that during this time they will have the opportunity to engage, learn and experience the benefits of being a member of a vibrant community of women.

Every member contributes by making an annual donation of $1,132. Of this total figure, $1,000 goes to our pooled grants and $132 (including 10% GST) supports our operating expenses. These annual amounts are paid through the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, who provide members with a $1,000 tax donation receipt, the remaining $132 is not deductible.

Please note that LMCF also has monthly payment options. Women may join at any time and when fully paid up will receive one voting right per grant round in the financial year. If members choose to make a donation beyond the prescribed amount of $1,000, they will still be entitled to one (equal) vote.

Membership Committee 2019 – 2020

Chair: Donna Burr
Committee Members: Melissa Chen, Sue Gourlay and Gillian Hund

Melbourne Women’s Fund is not affiliated with any religious, political or social/activist group. Members are not required to do any fundraising on behalf of our organisation.

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