2014 December Newsletter

December 2014


Wonderful Dinner at DANSK

On Tuesday evening, December 9th, about 45 members and guests joined us at DANSK to celebrate our first year. As a member of the Danish Club, Co-Founder Gillian Hund opened the door to us as her guests, and with the Welcome from Club President, Jan Ravnholt, (also Honorary Consul General for Denmark) it was bound to be a great evening. Jan spoke about the inspiring work of Princess Mary, who has begun “The Mary Foundation” which is focussed on bullying and well being, domestic violence and loneliness. We discovered DANSK to be a hidden gem of Melbourne, with inviting ambience and tasty food making our dinner quite delightful.

Pat spoke about our Melbourne Women’s Fund vision and mission, provided highlights of the year ahead, and gave an overview of our upcoming grants process as we embark on our research of eligible organisations and projects of passion and interest to our members. (See below for the timeline for MWF Grants 2015.)

We thank Advisory Board Members: Amy Coote for her expert delivery of the evening and Lindy Freeman for her enthusiastic assistance with the raffle on the night. Thanks go to these generous sponsors for the prizes and gifts: Simone Perele, Swisse, Natio, Estee Lauder, Koko Black and Secure Parking. Heartfelt thanks go to our Advisory Board for their advice, commitment and enthusiasm in this, our establishment year. We are grateful to the team at Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation for their advice, support and great service, and also to the Australian Women Donors Network for their assistance.

But it is our Founding members who receive the greatest applause for joining this year as our first 50 members. We thank you and look forward to doing good work together in 2015.

New Member Profile – Sam Dugdale

Sam came to our dinner and then immediately signed up as a Founding Member. She sent an inspiring email, and here are a few paragraphs that capture her interest and passion:

“I was not too sure what a giving circle was I’d have to say. Yes philanthropy is an important element of everyone’s life, but I openly acknowledge, I didn’t know too much about it, or how I could even be a part of it. So this morning I wanted to understand more, and spent some time on your website and your suggested resources, and to be quite honest, I was simply blown away.

The power of the collective is so compelling and empowering…what I liked most was that my donation was more than just a donation. It was a way of learning and engaging with a range of communities and issues for which I feel passionately. And to think that a collective force can have more influence makes it all the more reason to join.

My particular interest is in supporting women’s homelessness – especially those women with chronic mental health issues. A group in our community that struggles just to get through the day let alone in a homeless environment.”

Thank you for your thoughtful words, Sam, and welcome to our group!

Melbourne Women’s Fund Grants in 2015:

Melbourne Women’s Fund is entering our grants discovery and research phase. The Fund wants to support cutting edge projects that move tough issues forward. Here is a time-line we will be working towards.

– From now till mid-February our members will discover and suggest organisations and projects to research using our grant application guidelines (that will be on our website soon).

– Mid Feb – mid March, selected eligible organisations will be invited to submit applications. Finalists will be reviewed and selected prior to a shortlist in mid April. Projects that are approved will fit within the granting guidelines set out by MWF and Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

– In mid-May we’ll come together at an exciting “decision event” to vote on the projects that we will fund.

Our website’s grants section will soon include guidelines, timelines, etc, so please check the site for more details. We’ll send member’s a notice when this information is available.

Seattle meeting with Colleen Willoughby

On a visit to Seattle earlier this month Gillian had the opportunity to meet again with Colleen at her home. Not only our Founding Patron, Colleen continues to be an inspiration to us and we value her continuing guidance and advice.

During our extended discussions Colleen made a special point of explaining that members should come to regard their membership as an ongoing personal commitment to philanthropy. “It’s not like taking a magazine subscription,” she said, “it isn’t something you choose to do one year and not the next, you want all members to know how important it is to keep engaged and create longetivity for your fund’s work.”

MEMBERSHIP – become a Founding Member today!

We welcome all women who want to learn and become more involved in philanthropy. Come join this growing group of like-minded women and make new friendships as we work together to make a difference for women and families in Melbourne.

MEMBERSHIP is now available as an annual or a monthly contribution, your preference, through Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, call us or LMCF for details.

You have a special opportunity of being a Founding Member by joining in our first year – from July 14 – June 15. We welcome our latest new members: Jackie, Kylie, Sue, Sam, Anna and Rose to the Fund!

Click here for more information and a membership form

(PS – Thanks to our dinner guests the $450 raised by our raffle at the Dansk has gone into our Collective Giving Account at LMCF.)

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