About Our Grants

The success of grant programs depends on the impact and enduring benefit that comes from the investment that has been made


Our grants are given on an invitation-only basis. The Grants Committee works with the LMCF grants team to research projects of eligible charities and invite those that meet Melbourne Women’s Fund’s grant selection criteria to apply for funding. Members are also be able to nominate grant seekers that fit our criteria for consideration.

Who is involved?

The Executive Committee, the Grants Committee and our members are involved in the grantmaking process. The trustees of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation advise and approve the Grant finalists to be voted on by Melbourne Women’s Fund members in attendance at the Decision Event. See following pages for additional information.

The 2017-18 Grants Committee members are:

Co Chairs:

Christine Darcas
Jules McLean

Deputy Co Chairs:

Elaine Jacobs
Amanda Thornton
Odette Waanders


Cynthia Wallis Barnicoat
Patricia Burke
Julie Du Plessis
Kate Eddy
Gillian Fawcett
Julie Miller Markoff
Robyn Tredinnick


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